Friday, May 28, 2021

Sending inn "Kakuriyo" Stage type mystery solving story
Global Gear
Sending inn "Kakuriyo" Stage type mystery solving story
【Features】 NEWLINE ・ It is a stage-type puzzle-solving game that opens all 50 types of luggage set in an inn. NEWLINE ・ A collection of short stories about the lives of the customers. NEWLINE ・ Since there are hints and answers for each customer, even beginners of puzzle solving can enjoy it to the end. NEWLINE ・ You can play for free on all stages. NEWLINE NEWLINE [How to play] NEWLINE ・ Tap the luggage to enlarge it. NEWLINE ・ Tap the area of ​​your expanded luggage. NEWLINE ・ You can listen to the story by tapping the customer's balloon. NEWLINE ・ Because you may get hints and items, talk positively. NEWLINE -Swipe the item to the enlargement column to enlarge the item. NEWLINE -Swipe the item to where you want to use it. NEWLINE -You may be able to use another item for the enlarged item. NEWLINE ・ You can see "hint" and "answer" from the hint button at the bottom left of the screen.

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