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Friday, June 5, 2020

MechCube: Escape
MechCube: Escape
UPDATE 2020-06-04: Added new room, new ending and new artifact. Very little is known about nature of the object called Cube. From the outside it is a huge matt black monolith made of an unknown metal. The material of which the Cube is built has extraordinary hardness and is absolutely unaffected by any external influence. There is only a single gateway on its surface and it allows to enter exclusively alive and conscious members of the human race. From the inside the Cube is an endless set of rooms, corridors and compartments that spreads for much greater distances than one can guess looking at Cube from the outside. It is believed that this discrepancy between external and internal volumes is a consequence of the object's existence in several parallel dimensions at the same time. The questions how, when? and for what? this object was erected remain a mystery. The assumptions about its creators vary from alien origin to the version that the Cube is a kind of Time Machine. You are to explore nooks and corners of this place on your own, meet deadly traps and uncover incredible secrets of the Mechanical Cube.

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