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Friday, March 27, 2020

Haiku Games - Haiku Solve It 3: Killer Fans

Haiku Games

Solve It 3: Killer Fans

A simple cactus left at the scene of the murder disturbs the normally calm Detective Logan. Is there something he isn't telling you about this case? Solve It 3: Killer Fans is a thrilling murder mystery/visual novel where your choices change the story. A killer is on the loose murdering seemingly unrelated victims. Clues are left at the crime scenes that taunt Detective Logan and you. Will your relationship survive the stress of the case? Will you solve the murder before it is too late? CHOOSE HOW TO INVESTIGATE What kind of detective are you? Do you track down every clue even if it will hurt someone's feelings? Do you have a strictly professional relationship with your attractive boss? Other suspects will remember what you decide and the ending of Solve It 3 will change based on your choices! SOLVE THE PUZZLES Solve unique puzzles to make progress on the case! Investigate a suspect's paintings for cryptic clues that help you break into her phone and decode the killer's journal to track them down. CRACK THE CASE Track down witnesses and suspects. Break their alibis. Determine how suspects are related. Go deep into the past to find connections between the murders. Make hard choices along the way. FIND LOVE FOR YOURSELF OR OTHERS Are you all business? Or will taking time off for a date with numerous eligible suitors sharpen your mind to solve this case? Will you play matchmaker and try to set up the quirky lab technician? Decide in Solve It 3! A STANDALONE STORY You don't have to play Solve It 1 or 2 to enjoy this interactive story! But if you did, you can re-enter your choices in Solve It 3. Or change them! It's up to you.

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