Thursday, July 23, 2020

Guillermo Molina
"Finding my phone is the worst thing that could happen to you... I've kidnapped a person... and only you can save her." Help her escape from the room where she is trapped through this strange phone that have is in your hands. In each mobile application (app camera, music, settings, gallery, calculator, internet ...) you will have to solve the game that arises and do it correctly before the time runs out: memorize patterns, word search, listen music and sounds, remember figures and numbers, solve puzzles, mazes, math riddles and much more. But first you will have to unlock screen in each application. Solve the riddle you will find and you will be able to access the game. Each game you solve will bring you closer to saving the person. During the game you'll be able to see her in the room where she is trapped. She can't do anything and the killer is getting closer. Help her escape from a murderer! It is not a classic escape game or a classic puzzles and riddles games.

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