Sunday, August 2, 2020

Elephant Games LLC - Surface: Strings of Fate - Hidden Objects

Elephant Games LLC

Surface: Strings of Fate - Hidden Objects

When bored Brothers of Fate start their wicked game, no one is safe from becoming their pawn. This time your sister was chosen and you watched her disappear right in front of your eyes. Now in Order to save her you must find a way into mysterious Land of Forgotten, but remember that the clock is ticking. Will you be brave enough to face the odds against you? HELP HEROINE SOLVE THE MYSTERY OF THE MAGICAL LAND OF FORGOTTEN Your little sister has been taken away by a mysterious man that disappeared in a smoke. Yet you are given a chance to save her. But in order to do so you must enter dark magical world and overcome every obstacle thrown your way. Will you be able to save your sister in time before she disappears for good? UNCOVER THE TRUTH ABOUT ANCIENT BROTHERS OF FATE Play challenging puzzles and engaging hidden object scenes in order to solve every mystery and save your sister in time. IN BONUS CHAPTER: PLAY AS ONE OF THE SPIRITS OF FATE AGAINST YOUR BROTHERS TO SAVE A WOMAN YOU LOVE Play as the third Brother of Fate and fight for your and your lover's freedom from the Land of Forgotten. Discover more from Elephant Games! Elephant Games is a casual game developer. Check out our game library at:

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