Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Tsubaki Ninja Scroll
Factory.112, kouhei toyoshima
Tsubaki Ninja Scroll
UPDATE: Added Android link. Tsubaki Ninpocho is an escape game-style tap adventure created with reference to old Japan. (I couldn't validate the period. I think there are some mistakes, but if you enjoy it as an entertainment work!). The purpose is not escape, and I added a little longer story to connect the rooms, so I made it an "escape game style", but it is basically an ordinary escape game. Even if you skip the story, you can play the game to the end so feel free to do it! (It consists of 3 game parts and 3 story parts). There are many things that I'm not familiar with, so I adjusted the difficulty level a little. So even those who are new to the escape game will probably be fine! There are some scenes where realistic images of weapons and their explanations appear. If you are interested, please refrain from playing. There are no situations that hurt people or fall into horror. Also, some difficult-to-read Kanji characters appear. In-app purchase is set, but the game part does not change. You can play to the end for free.

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