Thursday, August 20, 2020

100 Doors: Magic Word (2020)
Mad Head Games doo Novi Sad
100 Doors: Magic Word (2020)
***WELCOME TO THE WORLD WHERE EVERY BOOK HOLDS ITS SECRETS AND EVERY WORD IS A CHALLENGE TO BEAT!*** Begin your journey into realms of MYSTERY and discovery. UNLOCK the wonders of the Bookshelf in a cool, carefully crafted and completely FREE logic puzzler, that combines the wonder of exploration with the craft of writing. It takes a smart brain, keen eye and a desire for problem-solving to dive into this rich realm of literary classics filled with hidden objects, clever puzzles and wordplay. Become a mystic traveler on a journey through a 100 levels; each an artful and loving take on masterpieces such as Moby Dick, Romeo and Juliet, many stories of Sherlock Holmes and many more! And should you be extra perceptive, there is even more bonus content hidden just out of sight!

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