Friday, August 7, 2020

Maruyu Apps - WIZARD HERO -RPG Battle x Escape Mystery-

Maruyu Apps

WIZARD HERO -RPG Battle x Escape Mystery-

・Mystery level ★★☆☆☆ For beginners to intermediate Because of the hint function, even those who are not good at escape games can enjoy it to the end. ◆◇Escape game with battle elements◇◆ I have never seen such an escape game! ? New escape game! !! Show your wisdom, courage and power and escape from a mysterious dungeon! Defeat enemies with flashy magic! Aim to escape by leveling up the player to learn spells and getting tools and coins. Use the tools and spells to defeat the blocking enemies! Battles are also part of the mystery, and in order to defeat an enemy, it is necessary to observe the behavior and characteristics of the enemy. Because the mystery solving is the main, people who are not good at RPG can also enjoy. It is especially recommended for those who are tired of ordinary escape games and who want stimulation. You can enjoy the battle alone. No horror element! Totally free! !! An escape game with a retro taste. The game sound also plays an auxiliary role in clearing the game, so we recommend that you play it with a voice. ♦︎ Story ♦︎ A world covered in darkness. You left the city as a brave man to defeat the devil. You entered a building that suddenly appeared on the way to the next town, and you were trapped in a mysterious dungeon. Face the looming mysteries and enemies and escape from this dungeon to save the world! ◆Escape game operation method◆ ・Escape to complete the stage. ・Tap on the screen to find out what you care about ・Use the arrows on the screen to move. ・Obtained items will be automatically used when the conditions are met. ・You can get a hint from the hint button on the left side of the screen -The acquired skills and tools are displayed at the top of the screen. ◆ Recommended for those who like this genre ◆ People who like games that can be played immediately Someone who likes to solve mysteries People who like escape games I like brain training system People who like action games People who like physics puzzles People who like casual games People who want to kill time

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