Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Andrea Guido - The Research Age

Andrea Guido

UPDATE: Some major improvements have been made to the game.NEWLINE The Research Age

Andrew is a technician at a company that sells and repairs vending machines. His work day was coming to an end when he received a service call from Harsh Town. He will have to work late in the evening again. It looked like just another typical night, but it wasn't. Andrew discover that INPLANT is involved in a research program dealing with cross-breeding between men and plants. Moreover, someone has the intention of reducing the entire human race into slavery using a beverage... All the evidence collected by one repented are gathered onto a hard drive, which is now lost. Andrew's quest begins... The Research Age is a dark sci-fi, classic adventure game that combines an exciting story with puzzles, exploration, platform sequences and small fights against evil plants. If you like unique games and grew up on point and click adventures you should give this a try! Features * A lovingly crafted universe with minimalist backgrounds * Vector graphics * Puzzles and exploration, perfect for beginners and veterans alike * Easy, touch-friendly controls and no fail-state gameplay * Autosave check points * Old school synthesizer musics and effects * Made in Italy by one dedicated guy * English and Italian languages References to "The Silent Age" are authorized by House On Fire Aps. "The Research Age" is not affiliated to "The Silent Age". "The Research Age" is not related to House On Fire ApS.

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