Sunday, September 6, 2020

Haunted Hotel: The Evil Inside - Hidden Objects
Elephant Games LLC
Haunted Hotel: The Evil Inside - Hidden Objects
Will it be easy for you to make it all the way to the very end and uncover the mystery of “Haunted Hotel: Personal Nightmare”? This can be checked - try yourself by solving engaging puzzles, explore paranormal places and reveal the secret of “Freedom” Hotel. This is a great opportunity to immerse into the depths of human psychology and find answers to many questions. One evening Steven's mother and sister go out and mysteriously go missing. Our hero knows nothing about what happened to them - no wonder that he decides to use this sudden opportunity to get the answers to the questions that have been tormenting him for the last 20 years. He needs to visit a sinister place - namely, “Freedom” Hotel - to be able to do that. Engaging adventures and encounter with his old friend James Blackthorn are awaiting him there

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