Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Wanderlust: City of Mists (Hidden Object Game)
Mad Head Games doo Novi Sad
Wanderlust: City of Mists (Hidden Object Game)
Head out across mighty oceans to a forgotten land that could keep a secret like nothing you saw before. Overcome a thrilling hidden object puzzle adventure game and find a long-lost mystery in Wanderlust: The City of Mists! You begin with a troubling question: it's been a while since you heard from your mother. She's been going to an expedition followed by an expedition until a journey to the legendary City of Mists ended all communication. The unexpected arrival of your mother's letter might just signal the triumphant end of a generation-spanning search. However, a perilous sea crossing and a treacherous jungle trek are not all that stands between you and the City. As if that weren't enough, a show-off adventurer, “Daring” Andrew Collins, has his beady little eyes on the same prize. The City of Mists is filled with hazards and perils all its own. With weird ancient technology bending the minds of friends and subverting allies, you have to navigate difficult ground in order to simply survive. Can you find and rescue your mother? Are you willing to traverse the ocean and jungle to reach your prize? Will you thwart threat and treachery lurking at every step of the way?

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