Thursday, October 22, 2020

The White Bird Carnival
The White Bird Carnival
You don't read this story. It shakes, collides and tumbles… it tells itself as if alive.NEWLINE Its intriguing interaction, beautiful art and animation will immerse you in a wonderful yet thrilling world.NEWLINE David, the protagonist, receives a letter, and returns to the town which he hasn't seen for ages. The once lively carnival is now deserted. Weird things happen during this nostalgia trip and old memories keep flashing back. He must find the truth. NEWLINE With the story unveils itself piece by piece, will David hold the courage to face everything?NEWLINE Are his memories real, or are they missing a piece, which may have been kept in a small box?NEWLINE Christopher Nolan wrote in his film Following: Everybody has a box, which holds their big secrets.NEWLINE NEWLINE And here we present this box to you.NEWLINE All you need to do, is open it, take whatever in it, and return to the White Bird Carnival with David.NEWLINE Oh and of course, it is locked with a combination, which perhaps you have to find first.

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