Friday, October 16, 2020

Stickman Dormitory Escape
Starodymov, hantingting
Stickman Dormitory Escape
You have to find all ways to escape from the dormitory.NEWLINE You are a young man who is tired of living in an old dormitory for many years. It looks like a dormitory but there is no freedom, just like a prison. Yes, no freedom is just kind of prison, help Stickman Henry escape the prison, please.NEWLINE Under the couch found a box with various objects. This is your chance to change your life and escape from this dormitory.NEWLINE NEWLINE Choose any subject, but remember that not all items will help you leave the dormitory. On the way you will meet evil neighbors who will do everything possible so that you will not leave the walls of the dormitory.NEWLINE You must be bold and considerate, find useful stuffs and interesting clues symbols to solve and escape, escape from the prison. Then your dream comes true, and you live in a normal estate.Good luck and have fun!NEWLINE NEWLINE Children's graphics and funny animation will delight your eyes.

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