Sunday, November 1, 2020

Paranormal Files: Enjoy The Shopping
Elephant Games LLC
Paranormal Files: Enjoy The Shopping
Rick Rogers is back for another case, and this time he's going undercover as a security guard to investigate a series of strange paranormal events at the local mall. Can Rick figure out what's been causing the other guards to have mental breakdowns, or will he lose his own mind in the process? NEWLINE NEWLINE HELP RICK ROGERS SOLVE THE RIDDLE OF THE HAUNTED MALL DRIVING SECURITY GUARDS CRAZY NEWLINE This time Rick Rogers had to go undercover to lure the villain. Mall security guards went insane, they talked about animated mannequins trying to kill them. Are they real or is someone just playing mind games? As Rick's night shift begins, a couple of teens appear on the cameras and get attacked by the mannequins. But who is the puppet master? It's time to hurry, Rick! NEWLINE NEWLINE UNCOVER ALL SECRETS OF THE MYSTERIOUS MALL OWNER NEWLINE Play engaging puzzles and carefully look for the items in hidden object scenes to prove that no creature, even animated mannequins, is a trouble for ever-cheerful Rick Rogers. NEWLINE NEWLINE IN BONUS CHAPTER: FOLLOW THE TRAIL OF THE GHOSTS APPEARING ON TOWN STREETS AND FIND OUT WHAT FORCES ARE AT PLAY NEWLINE Detective who worked on the ‘haunted mall' case asks Rick for help. The town hasn't take a rest from the last events yet as ghosts filled it's streets. Is there another powerful artifact? Another mystery waits to be solved!

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