Sunday, November 15, 2020

Paranormal Files: The Tall Man - Hidden Objects
Elephant Games LLC
Paranormal Files: The Tall Man - Hidden Objects
Paranormal detective Rick Rogers takes on a new case. Nicky Summer reaches out to him and asks to save her friends. Last year they had a party in the cabin, one of the girls ran to the ‘forest of missing' and no one saw her again. This year they are going to meet again, even though they got a warning that everything will happen again. Then Rick and Nicky get to the cabin, it appears that all of her friends are already gone. Now Rick has to search the mysterious forest and find out the truth behind it. NEWLINE NEWLINE HELP RICK ROGERS SOLVE THE MYSTERY OF THE ‘FOREST OF MISSING' NEWLINE When Rick Rogers took on a new case, he didn't suspect it the danger he was facing. A group of friends went missing in the infamous forest that took many souls. Rick follows a ghost leading him deep in the forest, as he faces a creature like he'd never seen before. It's time to run, Rick! NEWLINE NEWLINE GO DEEP INTO THE DARK FOREST AND SAVE A GROUP OF FRIENDS NEWLINE Play engaging puzzles and carefully look for the items in hidden object scenes to prove that no creature or ghost is a trouble for ever-cheerful Rick Rogers. NEWLINE NEWLINE IN BONUS CHAPTER: THE JOB IS NEVER DONE - GET BACK TO THE FOREST AND FIND OUT WHY NEW GROUP OF PEOPLE DISAPPEARED NEWLINE Paranormal Files Agency is back in action! A group of journalist went missing in the forest after you've already dealt with the threat. Is that place really cursed? It's Rick's job to solve another mystery.

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