Thursday, December 31, 2020

Hidden Objects - Mystery Tales 7 (Free To Play)
Hidden Objects - Mystery Tales 7 (Free To Play)
A new version of mystery hidden objects games for free Mystery Tales: The House of Others that many players of mysterious object finding games will like! This version of mystery games has no plot differences with the original seek and find games free adventure, and its main feature is that you can play the entire search and find games quest FOR FREE!NEWLINE NEWLINE Your brother is the host of Ghost Riders – a popular ghost hunting TV show, but one night you receive a strange package that forewarns his death! You are about to start an exhilarating mystery finding object games! You'll need your special astral glasses to help you view the past and interact with the astral plane to seek and find hidden objects, but first you need to repair your Glasses! Travel to the haunted mansion of a serial killer and unwrap this unsolved ghostly new hidden object games, before you and your brother become the next chapter of it in this haunting game of free hidden object games genre!NEWLINE NEWLINE · SEE IF YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO SOLVE A GHOSTLY MYSTERY IN THE BONUS GAME.NEWLINE Your friend pilot asks you to solve a lot of easy hidden object games on an abandoned island that belongs to… a ghost! Will you be able to play all the games and solve riddles, puzzles and enigmas? Find out in the Bonus Chapter of this adventure game!NEWLINE NEWLINE · FIND LEGENDARY FIGURINES AND UNLOCK THEIR GHOULISH BACKGROUND STORIES.NEWLINE As you play this one of the best find objects games free, look for the legendary figurines to learn the history behind them! Unlock their all ghoulish background stories when you complete puzzles, scenes and mysterious riddles!NEWLINE NEWLINE · COLLECT HIDDEN TAROT CARDS AND FIND LOST BUTTERFLIES TO PURCHASE CURSED ITEMS!NEWLINE Collect Tarot cards while you find objects. Dare you learn your future? Gather all the cards and other Bonus materials! Collect butterflies to buy all the cursed items for your collection!

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