Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Christmas Stories: Enchanted Express
Elephant Games LLC
Christmas Stories: Enchanted Express
A new Christmas Stories: Enchanted Express will help create wonderful Christmas mood! Enjoy spectacular paysages, listen to relaxing charming soundtrack, explore magical scenes and, of course, uncover all secrets of the mysterious Enchanted Express!NEWLINE NEWLINE Your brother Hansel runs away from home on Christmas Eve. Follow him to the abandoned train station where, to your surprise, a luxury express arrives. Your brother accepts a stranger's offer to board the train without hesitation. Now only you can bring your brother back home!NEWLINE NEWLINE UNCOVER ALL SECRETS OF THE ENCHANTED EXPRESSNEWLINE Are you brave enough to board the Enchanted Express, learn its story and rescue your poor brother Hansel?NEWLINE NEWLINE CAN YOU COMPREHEND THE EDUCATIVE STORIES OF THE TRAIN HOST?NEWLINE Uncover the truth by solving engaging puzzles and mysterious mini-games.NEWLINE NEWLINE HELP FIX THE FATES OF THE STRANGERS FOR THE BETTERNEWLINE Complete hidden object scenes and enjoy spectacular fantasy locations.NEWLINE NEWLINE ENJOY NEW ADVENTURES OF CATS IN CATSTOWN IN THE BONUS CHAPTER!NEWLINE Visit Catstown at Christmas - its furry residents got into a trouble again! Who but Catlock Catts would be able to solve the case? Replay your favorite mini-games and HOPs!

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