Thursday, December 24, 2020

Grim Tales: Guest From The Future - Hidden Objects
Elephant Games LLC
Grim Tales: Guest From The Future - Hidden Objects
Can you uncover the mysteries of 'Grim Tales: Guest From The Future'? Test your skills in thrilling hidden object puzzles, explore mysterious locations and investigate the fever that killed all the Grays in the future before it's too late! Immerse into the unforgettable world of Grim Tales!NEWLINE NEWLINE Your teenage daughter Alice needs your expertise to uncover the source of a tragedy that threatens to end the Gray family line forever! A mysterious illness has already claimed several victims, and any of the Grays could be next. Are you up to the task of discovering how it started, and more importantly, why? Things may not be as simple as they seem...NEWLINE NEWLINE IS THIS THE END OF THE GRAYS?NEWLINE Can you lift the curse that someone put on the family of the Grays? Do everything you can to rescue your daughter who came to you from the future and save the rest of your family!NEWLINE NEWLINE WHO IS THE SPIRIT THAT HAUNTS ANNA AND ALICE GRAY AND INTERRUPTS THE INVESTIGATION?NEWLINE Uncover the truth by solving engaging puzzles and mysterious mini-games.NEWLINE NEWLINE FIND OUT WHY ALL EVENTS STARTED HAPPENING IN ANNA GRAY'S NEPHEWNEWLINE Complete hidden object scenes and enjoy spectacular mystic locations.NEWLINE NEWLINE PLAY AS FAMOUS DETECTIVE'S DAUGHTER AND FIND OUT WHO KIDNAPPED YOUR MOTHER IN THE BONUS CHAPTER!NEWLINE Uncover the mystery of Anna Gray's kidnapping - take your grandfather Richard as companion and enjoy the bonuses of Collector's Edition! Replay your favorite mini-games and HOPs!

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