Sunday, January 31, 2021

Escape Game: Corridors
Escape Game: Corridors
Escape Game: Corridors is a nostalgic single color 'find the key and find the door' type of a game reminiscent to the early 3D dungeon crawlers of the early 80's PC's or the C64. NEWLINE NEWLINE Cast into a deep dungeon of an evil sorcerers tower, you make haste for your escape. Coursing your way through a randomized set of 8 fixed mazes before your torch magic burns out. If it burns out, your soul is reaped by the shadow wraiths and cursed to the dark corridors of the labyrinth forever. If you can pass the eighth door, your soul is returned to the life from which it was stolen. NEWLINE NEWLINE Do you think you can survive on your first attempt?

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