Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Reoda Chapter 10 FINAL
Reoda Chapter 10 FINAL
Exploration adventure game "REODA" Chapter-10 has been released. NEWLINE This is the 10th episode of the REODA series. NEWLINE NEWLINE Finally, finally, finally! It was the final episode. NEWLINE NEWLINE Click here for the novel game + escape game-style exploration adventure game "REODA" Chapter-10 NEWLINE NEWLINE "Hunt", one of the members of ISMO (International Security and Security Organization), rescues Dr. Leoda, a scientist who seems to have been kidnapped, and recovers an SD card containing the password of the facility that stores the prototype of new energy. I was on a mission to do. NEWLINE I was able to recover all the SD cards, but I still can't find out where he is, and the password remains incomplete, so I can't figure out the mystery. NEWLINE And Hunt, who finally succeeded in opening the door of the facility on the small island "Awatoku Island" in the south, decided to invade the inside.

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