Friday, February 5, 2021

Hidden Objects - Dark Romance 9 (Free To Play)
Hidden Objects - Dark Romance 9 (Free To Play)
A new free to play version of The Dark Romance: Performance that many players will like! You need to seek and find hidden objects and win this fun search and find object finding games full of brain teasers, mini-games and puzzles! This version has no plot differences with the original object finding games adventure, and its main feature is that you can play the entire hidden objects mystery games quest FOR FREE! NEWLINE NEWLINE Your plans to propose to your beloved Christine before her important opera performance are interrupted when she's kidnapped by a masked madman - the Phantom of the Opera! Things take an even darker turn when you follow them to an otherworldly realm of the abandoned Opera House inhabited by both the living and the dead. Can your love conquer all and overcome all the obstacles and traps in the face of death? NEWLINE NEWLINE · FIND OUT WHY THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA KIDNAPPED YOUR BELOVED! NEWLINE Save your kidnapped beloved Christine from a masked man and solve all the helping riddles in these search and find games! NEWLINE NEWLINE · DEAL WITH HOSTILE GHOSTS IN THE DUNGEON PLAYING SEARCH GAMES! NEWLINE Defeat the enemies preventing you from dealing with the Phantom of the Opera in mystery hidden object games! Solve more logic puzzles, brain teasers, and others! NEWLINE NEWLINE · SAVE YOUR DAUGHTER FROM A GHOSTLY RITUAL IN THE BONUS GAME! NEWLINE Save your lovely daughter from a mysterious woman who stole her voice in the Bonus Chapter! NEWLINE NEWLINE · LOTS OF HIDDEN OBJECTS, ACHIEVEMENTS AND COLLECTIBLES TO FIND. NEWLINE Be more attentive because in every location there's tons of collectibles helping you to create your collection! Complete brain teasers to challenge yourself! NEWLINE NEWLINE Download one of the most amazing free hidden object games – The Dark Romance: Performance! Play the game for absolutely free, but if you feel stuck or don't want to solve a mini-game, you may buy hints to help you proceed quicker!

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