Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Hidden Objects - Fatal Evidence: Art of Murder
Hidden Objects - Fatal Evidence: Art of Murder
Play these great new easy seek and find hidden object games free! You need to seek and find all objects and win this fun seek and find object finding games adventure full of puzzles, brain teasers and other fun mini-games as the best seeker! NEWLINE NEWLINE You weren't looking for trouble, but it finds you anyway when two special agents show up on your doorstep with grim news. The art-obsessed serial killer known only as “the Master” is killing again, and he wants you on the case! To make matters worse, one of the agents has his own doubts about you and your involvement. Who is the Master, and why did he choose you? Bring all of your crime-solving skills – you're going to need them to answer these questions and more in this compelling brain teasers adventure! NEWLINE NEWLINE · INVESTIGATE AND SOLVE THE KILLER'S TRUE IDENTITY! NEWLINE You have to know who a mysterious killer is and why he is so obsessed with you in best hidden object games free! Solve lots of puzzles, brain-teasers and riddles! NEWLINE NEWLINE · REPLAY YOUR FAVORITE HOPS AND MINI-GAMES! EARN ACHIEVEMENTS AND COLLECT COINS! NEWLINE This fascinating story is full of different games, hidden objects and much more so all you have to do is go through all of it! Collect coins to buy more items for your investigation! NEWLINE NEWLINE · TONS OF COLLECTIBLES AND MORPHING OBJECTS ARE WAITING FOR YOU! NEWLINE While solving all the riddles and brain teasers, do not forget to find exclusive objects and collect the items in these object finding games! NEWLINE NEWLINE · ENJOY EXCLUSIVE WALLPAPERS, MUSIC, VIDEOS AND MORE! NEWLINE Enjoy the outstanding artwork and an intriguing story and gather beautiful collectibles in our top hidden object games! NEWLINE NEWLINE · DON'T MISS A CLUE WITH OUR STRATEGY GUIDE! NEWLINE Stuck while playing? Always know your next move while playing mini-games and challenging puzzles with the helpful Strategy Guide! NEWLINE NEWLINE This game has a free trial part. You can unlock the full version through an in-app purchase.

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