Friday, February 5, 2021

Escape game Micro Escape #20
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Escape game Micro Escape #20
Hello. Did you eat Ehomaki yesterday? NEWLINE It's very cold, but warm yourself up and watch out for colds. Of course, also for coronavirus. NEWLINE I thought the year had just started the other day, but it's already February. NEWLINE Let's have a reflection meeting in January, reset our feelings and do our best this month as well. NEWLINE As a milestone, clear a simple escape game to boost your economy. NEWLINE The free escape game "Micro Escape # 20" is ready. NEWLINE Please enjoy. NEWLINE NEWLINE NEWLINE This game is a free game that is perfect for those who do not have time. NEWLINE Escape from the closed room within 5 minutes for beginners and within 3 minutes for masters.

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