Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Wanderlust: Shadow of Monolith Hidden Object Game
Mad Head Games doo Novi Sad
Wanderlust: Shadow of Monolith Hidden Object Game
The third installment of the famous adventure HOPA series is here! Find and unlock the secrets of a 10,000-year-old artifact in Wanderlust: Shadow of the Monolith! NEWLINE NEWLINE You begin the game as Jane, a promising new archeologist. The first major achievement of Jane's career should be the big Sudan conference. She may have hoped for a party, but nobody expects a kidnapping party! With only a few cryptic clues to go by, she does her best to follow where the trail takes her. NEWLINE NEWLINE The thread that connects the kidnapping of many archaeologists with eerily similar, over ten-thousand-year-old monuments the world over weaves into a dark web of lies and deceit. NEWLINE NEWLINE Can one man's lust for life and youth at all costs really end the world as we know it? Jane Black has no-one to turn to. She must rely on her wits and her considerable skill in ancient languages to put things to rights. Can Jane find and save her brother? Can she stop a plot to burn the world for the vanity of one man? Or is it already too late? NEWLINE NEWLINE PLAY AMAZING HIDDEN OBJECT CHALLENGES NEWLINE NEWLINE The game allows you to take on immersive and exciting puzzle challenges with some of the best hidden object scenes you ever saw. Each one is a treasure box of rich casual gaming experience. NEWLINE NEWLINE TAKE ON A ARCHEOLOGICAL JOURNEY NEWLINE NEWLINE Unlock the enigma of the Monolith that is so much more than a stone from a bygone age. Experience the thrill of adventure in every step of that journey. NEWLINE NEWLINE COMPLETE THE BONUS CHAPTER NEWLINE NEWLINE Play a whole new chapter in the Bonus Game. Experience a new twist of the tale and also a very dynamic and satisfying conclusion to the story. NEWLINE NEWLINE ENJOY A COLLECTION OF BONUSES NEWLINE Thanks to the rich main game and the bonus chapter and additional activities, Wanderlust: Shadow of the Monolith!is a game that will keep you entertained for hours! Download and start playing for FREE!

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