Thursday, February 18, 2021

Deadly Secrets on Autumn Drive - Adventure Games
Midnight Adventures LLC
Deadly Secrets on Autumn Drive - Adventure Games
From the Original Creators of the Mystery of Haunted Hollow Series comes a Brand New Adventure Game with an intriguing new storyline! NEWLINE NEWLINE You and your only daughter have moved into a new neighborhood to fix up a home that is in desperate need of repair. NEWLINE NEWLINE A friendly old woman introduces herself, but is seemingly obsessed with you, and the new home you have moved into. NEWLINE NEWLINE As you delve into your humble abode, you find old photographs of a young girl & diary notes scattered throughout the house. NEWLINE NEWLINE You slowly uncover additional secrets in the attic & other hidden spaces that are rather disturbing - all of this is going on while your neighbor's behavior grows all the more peculiar. NEWLINE NEWLINE Do these photographs and items you have found hold key evidence to something more sinister from decades past...? NEWLINE NEWLINE You investigate yours and your neighbor's home with trepidation, as Mrs. Harris has clued into your curiosity of this neighborhood, and what lurks beneath... NEWLINE NEWLINE Do you have what it takes to solve the Mystery of Deadly Secrets on Autumn Drive? NEWLINE NEWLINE Discover bizarre clues, deadly secrets, and disturbing evidence unfold into a climactic ending you will never see coming...

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