Monday, March 1, 2021

Dive in the Past
3D Research
Dive in the Past
Dive in the Past will take you on a journey inside the underwater world, where modern and ancient wrecks and submerged cities lie. NEWLINE NEWLINE A magic diary hides a mystery, would you like to discover it? NEWLINE NEWLINE Dive into the Mediterranean Sea and explore wrecks and ruins of ancient populations. NEWLINE NEWLINE Use hi-tech tools to find out how ships and cities looked in the past. NEWLINE NEWLINE Find the mysterious objects and let the diary shows you the stories it keeps. NEWLINE NEWLINE Solve the puzzles and help the characters to accomplish their missions… or not! NEWLINE NEWLINE Dive in the Past is a game that mixes the exploration of the underwater world with puzzles and quests. Take a deep breath and enjoy the adventure.

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