Saturday, March 6, 2021

Strange Investigations: Becoming
Elephant Games LLC
Strange Investigations: Becoming
Can you solve the case of “Strange Investigations: Becoming”? Test your skills in thrilling hidden object puzzles, explore crime scenes, stop the criminal and save an innocent victim! Immerse into the complicated sleuthing of Strange Investigations agency's private detective! NEWLINE NEWLINE Dana Strange had been searching for the maniac who kidnapped her sister for many years. She managed to arrest him, but it was too late to save her sister. Dana quit her police detective job. After a while her small town of Rainville was suddenly shocked by yet another kidnapping. You'll have to play as brave Dana Strange who is trying to defeat the ghosts of the past and the maniac in present. Will Dana manage to live with the thought of losing her sister, find out where the girl student of college of arts disappeared to and bring to light who's behind the new kidnapping? NEWLINE NEWLINE ● AN OLD FRIEND ASKS YOU HELP HIM INVESTIGATE. WILL YOU MANAGE TO SOLVE A NEW COMPLEX CASE? NEWLINE Where did the girl who was helping your old friend Malcolm equip the office disappear to? Find out who kidnapped her and why. NEWLINE NEWLINE ● SOLVE THE CASE AND SAVE THE GIRL NEWLINE Uncover the truth by solving engaging puzzles and mini-games. NEWLINE NEWLINE ● FIND A WAY TO NEUTRALIZE THE COPYCAT MANIAC WHO STRIVES TO FINISH THE DEEDS OF HIS IDOL NEWLINE Complete hidden object scenes and enjoy spectacular investigation. NEWLINE NEWLINE ● HELP THE GROCERY STORE OWNER FIND OUT WHO STEALS FOOD FROM HIS SHOP IN THE BONUS CHAPTER! NEWLINE Uncover the copycat's identity and enjoy the bonuses of Collector's Edition! Replay your favorite mini-games and HOPs!

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