Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Hospital Escape - Scary Horror Games
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Hospital Escape - Scary Horror Games
Are you brave enough to become a character in a creepy thriller? Prove it! Set off on new scary escape adventures and try to survive. You'll have to search dark rooms, solve scary puzzles, and open doors to find a way out and end this nightmare. Overcome your terror and escape from horror hospital conceals! NEWLINE NEWLINE INTRIGUING PLOT: NEWLINE You wake up in a creepy place that looks like an abandoned hospital or a horrifying mental asylum. How did you get here? You have no idea! The last thing you remember is getting drunk in some bar. God, can you find out what's going on in this place and get out of here alive? 😱 NEWLINE NEWLINE BEST FEATURES: NEWLINE ▪ Thrilling atmosphere of horror escape games NEWLINE ▪ Spine-tingling sound effects and good graphics *bloodcurdling in headphones* NEWLINE ▪ Challenging puzzles and mini-games NEWLINE ▪ Point and click adventure with many secrets and clues NEWLINE ▪ Simple controls and free hints NEWLINE NEWLINE Challenge yourself with this atmospheric horror game. Rack your brains, collect all the hidden clues and use logic to solve those puzzles, brain teasers, and mysteries. Feel the primal fear that horror hospital can strike. Stay focused, ignore your goosebumps, find out how to escape room by room and win the scary game. NEWLINE NEWLINE You'll see creepy rooms of a mental hospital, immerse into complete darkness, try to find the light and tools that help you escape and go further. You may have to search those rooms twice, try to get information from psychos and dying lunatics, bring them what they want, and solve the mystery piece by piece, feel true fear. NEWLINE NEWLINE If you're into thrillers and horror quests, puzzling adventures or scary games with interesting plots, you'll enjoy this horror escape game about the abandoned hospital of horror. And if you want to try more quests in escape room genre, check out the link “More by Escape Adventure Games” and find more mysterious puzzle adventures and free escape games.

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