Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Room Escape Adventure Mystery: Secret Mission 2021
HFG Entertainments
Room Escape Adventure Mystery: Secret Mission 2021
HFG Entertainments has proudly present a new collection of an interesting room escape Secret Mission challenge 2021. NEWLINE NEWLINE Plan your secret mission and find hidden objects to escape from one level to another level. Challenge yourself and explore different kinds of hidden riddling puzzles in a point and click adventure mode of game play. NEWLINE NEWLINE Game Category 1 NEWLINE In the city, some dreadful diseases are spread all over the city. It's time to show your skills and Move through the different locations solve the mystery puzzle and escape from the zombies. There are many difficulties and scary objects to reduce your potential for survival from the place. Your main goal is to find a way to escape from the rooms of zombies. NEWLINE NEWLINE Game Category 2 NEWLINE Enjoy immersive game play and engaging story lines as you investigate murder cases, interact with intriguing characters. You'll visit unique locations and examine troubling murder scenes, collect the clue from the place and look for any evidence in the murder. NEWLINE NEWLINE Adventure through the dark secrets mission is to find all the items hidden in the room that will allow you to survive when the door opens. Each of them Stimulate your thinking power and tests your concentration skills, you want to think out of the box to exit the doorway. NEWLINE NEWLINE You'll never be stuck since every puzzle has plenty of hints including the full solution. Just find the baffle you're stuck on below. NEWLINE NEWLINE You are locked in a room and have to figure out clues, complete tasks, and find the key to escape… NEWLINE NEWLINE Finally, Use your Logical skill and thinking abilities to solve the numerous puzzle and finds a way to the end of all the zombies in giving peace and happiness to the City. A mission should be achieved before running out of lives. There is nothing impossible to reach the mission. NEWLINE NEWLINE Game Features: NEWLINE * 100 Addictive Levels. NEWLINE * More than 150 riddling puzzles. NEWLINE * Examine clues & analyze evidence. NEWLINE * More than 50 Hours of Game play. NEWLINE * Daily gifts and rewards available. NEWLINE * Humane hints are available. NEWLINE * Game translated in 25 major languages.

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