Monday, March 1, 2021

Comix Escape: Forklift
Comix Escape: Forklift
Comix Escape: Speeding Forklift of Doom! NEWLINE NEWLINE Escape Game Issue #6 - Endings 1 NEWLINE NEWLINE In this issue, a routine forklift job goes awry when the the throttle sticks, the brakes go out and almost everything possible goes wrong. Will you escape this speeding time bomb or go up in flames? - Escape Now! NEWLINE NEWLINE Comix Escape is a comic themed escape game. It features a brief intro comic to set the theme and comic book style artwork throughout the game. Collect items, search for clues and solve puzzles to escape the room, area or scenario. NEWLINE NEWLINE Keep in mind the first ten issues of Comix Escape you can only carry three items at a time, giving the game a unique challenge. If you get stuck during play, you can tap the menu cog on the lower right to reset the game or watch a walkthrough video. NEWLINE NEWLINE - Good Luck! -

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