Monday, March 8, 2021

Escape Game: Abduction_
Escape Game: Abduction_
Escape Game: Abduction_ NEWLINE NEWLINE A Pixel/Retro Escape Game With 12 Possible Endings! NEWLINE NEWLINE After waking in a small bright, yet simple room. Disoriented and looking around, you quickly realize this may not be a room at all - But rather something not of this world. Are you a captive? You do not know. All you know is, you must find a way to escape! NEWLINE NEWLINE Escape this bizarre room by finding items, using items, combining items, finding clues and solving puzzles. If you escape, what will your final destination be? - Good Luck! NEWLINE NEWLINE For a more immersive experience wear headphones or quality earbuds!

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