Thursday, March 4, 2021

Nevertales: Creator's Spark (Hidden Object Game)
Mad Head Games doo Novi Sad
Nevertales: Creator's Spark (Hidden Object Game)
Take a leap into another incredible sequel of the legendary Nevertales series. This time, Nevertales: Creator's Spark will take you into the heart of fantasy and unbound creativity! NEWLINE NEWLINE Begin the game just as you receive a mysterious package that points you towards your father, a famous novelist who went missing years ago. You decide to follow the trail but then find a portal that takes her to Nevertales, a world made out of his stories. Immediately, you find yourself in a desperate plight - if you fail, both you and your father will be lost forever. ​ NEWLINE NEWLINE On this journey, you will meet colorful characters, huge mysteries, and fantastic sites as you traverse the never-before-seen landscape of Nevertales. In this colorful world, everything is possible. Are you ready and willing to begin your once-in-a-lifetime travel? NEWLINE NEWLINE 🔍 PLAY AMAZING HIDDEN OBJECT CHALLENGES NEWLINE The game allows you to take on immersive and exciting puzzle challenges with some of the best hidden object scenes you ever saw. Each one is a treasure box of rich casual gaming experience. NEWLINE NEWLINE 🔍 SOLVE THE MYSTERY OF THE MISSING SPARK NEWLINE The domains of the Taleworld rely on you to find the solution to the missing Creator's Spark. Оnly you stand between all of them and the total obliteration of this realm of fantasy. NEWLINE NEWLINE 🔍 COMPLETE THE BONUS CHAPTER NEWLINE Play a whole new story and an additional chapter once you complete the main game. Find the resolution and lay all of the story strands at rest in this amazing finish of the story of the Creator's Spark. NEWLINE NEWLINE 🔍 ENJOY A COLLECTION OF BONUSES NEWLINE Thanks to the rich main game and the bonus chapter and additional activities, Nevertales: Creator's Spark is a game that will keep you entertained for hours! Download and start playing for FREE!

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