Saturday, March 27, 2021

Escape game Valentine cat hand Aoi mystery solving experiment
Escape game Valentine cat hand Aoi mystery solving experiment
It has hints and answer functions, so please use it if you have any problems. NEWLINE There is also a bonus after clearing. NEWLINE NEWLINE Estimated difficulty level: Normal to a little difficult NEWLINE NEWLINE --------------- NEWLINE NEWLINE When I wake up one morning, I find myself in a room I don't know. There was. NEWLINE I remember having a meal with Aoi-senpai because I had a break from work yesterday ... NEWLINE NEWLINE ・ Hinata Inuyama, 22 years old NEWLINE He has a straightforward and serious personality, but he doesn't like people who invade his territory, so he is not good at socializing. NEWLINE Although I graduated from college this year, I didn't feel like getting a job, so I was thinking of finding a job that suits me while working as a part-time worker. NEWLINE At that time, Aoi, who was a senior at the same high school and had a tutor when she took the university entrance exam, asked me to work part-time as an assistant. NEWLINE NEWLINE ・ Aoi Teshima, 25 years old NEWLINE He has been a talented child since he was a child, and is always top class in academics. However, he often broke relationships because he was insensitive to the emotions of others, and his shyness is accelerating. NEWLINE Because of his talent and personality, he had spare time as an excellent wolf at university, but he became a tutor of Hinata as a teacher in high school. NEWLINE NEWLINE It seemed difficult for Aoi, who couldn't get a sense of distance from others, and Hinata, who always tried to keep a certain distance, to communicate with each other, but understood that they were not good at each other. Since then, I have become a conscious friend and have continued to this day. NEWLINE NEWLINE Note: The escape game is the main story. The story is a bonus.

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