Thursday, March 4, 2021

Challenge to escape! # 130 Room with macaroons
Challenge to escape! # 130 Room with macaroons
It is a game to solve the mystery and escape from the room. NEWLINE There is a sound. NEWLINE Created with unity and exported in webGL format. You can play with a webGL compatible browser on your PC or smartphone. NEWLINE It takes a long time to load, but it can also fail. If it is not displayed easily, try reloading (updating). NEWLINE How to play the game NEWLINE Click the title screen to start the game. NEWLINE If you have an item, click the item to select it before using it. NEWLINE Once you have collected all the key pieces, you will be able to open the door and escape. NEWLINE Operate by clicking, dragging, long pressing, etc. NEWLINE When you press the button, make sure that the cursor does not extend beyond the button until you release the click.

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