Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Hidden Object Adventure Games - Around The World
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Hidden Object Adventure Games - Around The World
Hello, fans of hidden object adventure games! Are you brave enough to travel round the world with the Jules Verne heroes? New search and find game from the creators of Time Trap. Immerse yourself in a new Around The World adventure! NEWLINE Fogg's journey with his servant Passepartout begins in England, then he travels to France, Egypt, India, China, Japan, America and other countries. Start this epic quest for glory and find hidden objects in pictures. NEWLINE Along the way he faces many dangers. He is pursued by detective Fix who has convinced the police that Fogg is a robber of the Bank of England and that the bet is just a way to escape the law. NEWLINE Each location (search and find scene) is a new continent, a new country or a new town where you will find yourself in the atmosphere of this region thanks to the picturesque and colorful graphics and the unique musical background. Watch out: in exotic lands, familiar objects may look quite unrecognizable! This is one of the best hidden object adventure games that will train your brain and help you boost your concentration. NEWLINE NEWLINE This search and find game has the following special features: NEWLINE - Vibrant ethnic interior settings and music NEWLINE - Diverse and difficult challenges: there is the classic hidden object adventure game HOPA based on name or outlines, finding differences, and search for pairs of identical items. NEWLINE - After finishing the seek and find game as Fogg and Passepartout, you will get an opportunity to play it as Fix, facing brand new challenges! NEWLINE - All our hidden object games can be downloaded absolutely free of charge and easily completed without the need for any in-game purchases. NEWLINE NEWLINE This search and find game is TRULY FREE: you can download the full version for free and unlock every scene with no in-game purchases. NEWLINE Download Hidden Objects Game - Around The World in 80 Days and enjoy playing one of the most addicting adventure games ever. If you feel like a quest hunter, hungry for solving the mysteries, you are in the right place playing one of the best search and find games with hidden items. NEWLINE NEWLINE Game mechanics: NEWLINE The game includes scenes where the task is to find objects (Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure, HOPA), transitional scenes between search locations, scenes for finding differences, and search for pairs of identical items. This hidden object adventure game is also a perfect language learning app, cause it is translated into 15 most popular world languages. So change the language of your device and check up your knowledge of foreign languages. NEWLINE NEWLINE Jules Verne was an author who always surprised the world. His stories are so realistic that, even today, readers are convinced that the journeys he described were real. NEWLINE If you are looking for high-quality really free new hidden object games, then “ Around The World in 80 Days : find objects game “ is exactly what you need! Colorful scenery, animation, and visual effects will make your seek and find game vivid and fun. Good luck in your journey! But most of all, this hidden object adventure game will provide you a completely new level of fun. Play hidden picture games full version for free and become a true detective. Seek and find hidden objects game 2019 is the best brain teaser that will lead you to the amazing world. NEWLINE NEWLINE We'll be happy to stay in touch with you at our Facebook page: leave comments, ask questions and get news about coming games! Look for more new hidden object adventure games from our studio! Trusting us you can always download search and find game full version for free. Start your Around The World in eighty Days game!

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