Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Escape game-find your heart! KEBAB edition
Escape game-find your heart! KEBAB edition
Every time a timid and shy player gets a heart, he may notice the love beyond love and then something beyond that love. NEWLINE A heart-full escape game where you get the heart hidden on the stage and graduate from a life without her. NEWLINE NEWLINE Searching for a heart that started with the desire to be popular. NEWLINE Be kind to the girls who appear and become a cool man. NEWLINE NEWLINE What is the power of love that kebabs attract? NEWLINE What exactly is kebab? NEWLINE NEWLINE There are 51 stages in total. NEWLINE Finally, there is a special stage! NEWLINE NEWLINE And there are 4 ending patterns! !! NEWLINE NEWLINE Stay tuned! NEWLINE NEWLINE ● How to play NEWLINE ・ How to play is easy. Tap where you are interested and use that item to find your heart. NEWLINE -If you use the item, you can get a heart from the girl. NEWLINE -If you get stuck in solving a mystery, you can get hints by watching video ads.

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