Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Shadow of Naught - An Interactive Story Adventure
FredBear Games Ltd
Shadow of Naught - An Interactive Story Adventure
Shadow of Naught is an award-winning game with interactive gameplay and emotive storytelling. NEWLINE NEWLINE This game contains imagery or situation which some viewers may find distressing. Player discretion advised. NEWLINE NEWLINE Awards Won: NEWLINE 🏆 IMGA MENA: Grand Prix NEWLINE 🏆 IMGA MENA: Best Meaningful Play NEWLINE 🏆 IMGA MENA: Excellence in Storytelling NEWLINE 🏆 IMGA MENA: Best Upcoming Game NEWLINE 🏆 IMGA GLOBAL: Nominee NEWLINE 🏆 ADVENTUREJAM: Colossal Leap Award NEWLINE NEWLINE Game Features: NEWLINE ❰ Multi-layer story ❱ NEWLINE Experience a rich storyline and connect with each character deep into their personal life. NEWLINE NEWLINE ❰ Innovative art-style ❱ NEWLINE A clean and visually appealing art-style helps to further enhance the experience of what each character is going through in the story. NEWLINE NEWLINE ❰ Mini Games ❱ NEWLINE Various mini-games such as Piano Tiles, Finding Hidden Object, Branching Conversations, Taking pictures (... and many more) are added to keep the game fresh and engaging. NEWLINE NEWLINE ❰ Every story has secrets ❱ NEWLINE Reveal extra details in the story as you choose different answers. Find out more about each character and understand their feelings. NEWLINE NEWLINE Shadow of Naught is an interactive story drama about three characters named Martin, Andrew, and Anna. You will get involved with their life challenges and your choices will let you discover different layers of the story. Playing music, chat fiction, branching conversations, and various mini-games will form your experience. NEWLINE NEWLINE The game gives you a whole new experience of storytelling. Story pieces are presented in stylish interactive posters. You will be able to play the story, find your own path, get involved in the characters' lives and drama, and solve their puzzles. Your choices will let you know more or just reach the end. NEWLINE NEWLINE ❗ Language available: English, Spanish, Russian, French, Italian, German❗ NEWLINE ❗ If you get this error: Context3D not available , please re-install the game and try again. It should work ❗

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