Sunday, May 30, 2021

Escape Game: Strange Time - Free New Escape Rooms
Aries, 白羊堂
Escape Game: Strange Time - Free New Escape Rooms
- Find out more NEWLINE To find out more about an item or furniture in place, press the magnifying glass button in the upper left and select what you want to look at. NEWLINE NEWLINE - Show hints NEWLINE If you get stuck, press the hint button on the top left to see the hints. A list of tips that match your progress is displayed. NEWLINE NEWLINE - Setting change NEWLINE If you are worried about BGM and sound effects, or if the animation of movement is heavy, change the setting with the setting button on the upper left. NEWLINE NEWLINE Feature : NEWLINE - Time has passed in the game NEWLINE - Number of mysteries: small NEWLINE - With hint display NEWLINE - Auto save function NEWLINE - Sharing function NEWLINE - Mute function NEWLINE - No in-app purchase NEWLINE - Completely free NEWLINE NEWLINE NEWLINE Note : NEWLINE - Auto save function NEWLINE With the auto save function, you can play from the middle anytime. However, it may not be possible to continue playing due to reasons such as insufficient storage on the device. In that case, please check if there is sufficient free space on the device storage. NEWLINE NEWLINE - About hint display NEWLINE The hint is initially locked and cannot be seen. You must watch the video ad to unlock it. Also, multiple hints will be shown according to the progress, but you need to see the video ad for each hint to unlock.

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