Friday, May 28, 2021

Mystery Trackers: Forgotten Voices
Elephant Games LLC
Mystery Trackers: Forgotten Voices
Mystery Trackers cadets, that were involved in a monster case that happened in the training camp a year ago, are now eager to prove themselves in action. When working at the commcenter, they catch an SOS signal of three students desperately asking for help while running away from a strange green wave in a school corridor. But when newbie agents - Ginger, Black and Slate - arrive at the school, it seems that no one knows these students, as if they never even existed. Will the rookies be able to unravel this web of secrets and find the missing students? NEWLINE ● HELP NEWBIE AGENTS SOLVE THE MYSTERY OF THE MISSING STUDENTS NEWLINE Newbie agents - Ginger, Black and Slate - arrive at the mysterious Misthill College looking for the three students they saw in an SOS signal dating a year ago, but everything seems like these students don't even exist! Will the agents be able to solve this mystery and find the missing students? NEWLINE NEWLINE ● UNCOVER THE SECRETS OF MISTHILL COLLEGE NEWLINE Play challenging puzzles and hidden object scenes to prove that no secret can be hidden from these bright and adventurous agents. NEWLINE NEWLINE ● IN BONUS CHAPTER: LEARN THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF MISTHILL COLLEGE NEWLINE Return to Misthill College to search for the students that got lost in mysterious ruins that were uncovered beneath the school grounds during reconstruction and learn the hidden history of the place.

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