Monday, May 3, 2021

Escape game Escape from prison
Escape game Escape from prison
A prison that was said to be impossible to jailbreak NEWLINE Once imprisoned, he can never go outside. NEWLINE Many were imprisoned for innocent charges, NEWLINE Some are forced to work as workers. NEWLINE You have to collect the tools you need for jailbreak and get out of here. NEWLINE NEWLINE An escape game set in a prison. NEWLINE There are 20 stages in total. NEWLINE Solve the mystery prepared for each stage and aim to escape from the prison. NEWLINE NEWLINE ▼ Features ▼ NEWLINE ・ Challenge various mysteries while collecting the tools necessary to escape. NEWLINE ・ Beginners can enjoy it until the end because the difficulty level is low. NEWLINE ・ You can play for free on all stages. NEWLINE NEWLINE ▼ How to play ▼ NEWLINE ・ Tap to check. NEWLINE -Tap the item field and select an item. NEWLINE -Items can be expanded by tapping them again while they are selected. NEWLINE -Select the menu button on the screen to call up the menu. NEWLINE ・ Press the hint button to see hints and answers. NEWLINE NEWLINE ▼ Points of capture ▼ NEWLINE ・ Tap everywhere on the screen. NEWLINE ・ Observe all items. NEWLINE ・ Items may be combined. NEWLINE ・ Don't miss all the information you can get in the game. NEWLINE NEWLINE ▼ Recommended points ▼ NEWLINE ・ Those who like solving mysteries NEWLINE ・ Those who like escape games NEWLINE ・ It is a question structure for beginners. NEWLINE * Horror elements are not included.

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