Friday, May 21, 2021

Rabbit&Cafe -EscapeGame-
Rabbit&Cafe -EscapeGame-
Let's escape by solving the gimmicks and mysteries in the shop. NEWLINE NEWLINE After clearing one room, try the next room! NEWLINE Can you safely escape from all the shops? NEWLINE NEWLINE [Charm] NEWLINE ◆ You can play 8 rooms. NEWLINE (Playable by watching some video ads) NEWLINE ◆ Women, men and children can enjoy it in a cute atmosphere. NEWLINE ◆ Escape game Even beginners can easily play. NEWLINE ◆ If you get stuck, you can rest assured that there are hints and answers. NEWLINE ◆ The progress is automatically saved, so you can proceed little by little. NEWLINE ◆ It is an escape game that you can play for free until the end.

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