Thursday, May 27, 2021

Escape from micro room
Escape from micro room
This is short Escape from room fashion game for middle to advanced player. NEWLINE Sorry, it won't have much help for beginners. NEWLINE NEWLINE English and Japanese available. NEWLINE NEWLINE How to play: NEWLINE It's completely free game. NEWLINE Player can move with arrow on the bottom. NEWLINE Tap on the screen and you may get items. NEWLINE When you tap item, you can enlarge item and see it. NEWLINE When you tap item twice, the item will be surrounded with red frame, then you can use the item. NEWLINE There are 2 levels of assist, hint and answer by watching ADs in case you get stuck.... NEWLINE Your game progress will be saved automatically. NEWLINE NEWLINE ADs are to cover our development cost and for our motivation.

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