Thursday, May 13, 2021

escape game POST ~ deliver to no one ~
escape game POST ~ deliver to no one ~
t's a simple room escape game that solves the mystery of a strange mailbox that doesn't deliver letters. NEWLINE NEWLINE Figure out everything about POST and have a fabulous escape! NEWLINE NEWLINE [ Features ] NEWLINE - Easy to start for first players. Challenge! NEWLINE - Easy to operate with just a tap NEWLINE - Solve tricks all over the place to find various items NEWLINE - Multiple endings based on item completion status NEWLINE - Autosave function NEWLINE - Check the items you got in your room. NEWLINE - The keyword is "Labor" NEWLINE NEWLINE [ How to play ] NEWLINE - As you tap the screen, you investigate the areas of interest NEWLINE - Change the scene easily with tab the screen or arrows NEWLINE - When you're in trouble, hints will help you get through it NEWLINE - Enjoy 3 different endings. NEWLINE -- Anyone who wants to enjoy a quick escape is "nice escape". NEWLINE -- Anyone who wants to enjoy the proper escape and collection is "great escape". NEWLINE -- Anyone who wants to enjoy all the mysteries of POST is "fabulous Escape". NEWLINE NEWLINE ◆ playPLANT's 3rd escape game, "POST:deliver to no one" ◆ NEWLINE Where do all those letters and messages go that it never deliver... NEWLINE It will never come out after being sent to the furthest post office. NEWLINE The secret is in a POST without an exit. NEWLINE NEWLINE Please enjoy the slightly mysterious world of playPLANT.

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