Thursday, June 24, 2021

Escape Shelter 57
Alex Corda
Escape Shelter 57
Detective Jarod has been mandated to investigate and discover what's happening in the Shelter 57. Will it survive to it ? NEWLINE Only one thing is sure: once started, you will not stop until you solve the mystery of the strange murders and rooms of the shelter 57. NEWLINE NEWLINE - A unique point and click adventure. NEWLINE - full of clues environment. NEWLINE - Enigmatic characters. NEWLINE - An inverted escape game full of suspense. NEWLINE - Camera allowing you to take snapshots of clues and scenes NEWLINE - Tons of objects to collect, logical puzzles, riddles and mini-games to resolve. NEWLINE - More than 10 hours of challenge exploring every room of the Shelter 57. NEWLINE - A help system to avoid being stuck in your adventure. NEWLINE - A progressive help system to avoid to spoil your pleasure. NEWLINE - A double navigation: buttons or swipe screen depending on what you like. NEWLINE - Auto saves of your progression. NEWLINE - Free room escape game

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