Friday, June 18, 2021

Chimeras: Blinding Love - Hidden Objects
Elephant Games LLC
Chimeras: Blinding Love - Hidden Objects
Can you uncover the secrets of Chimeras: Blinding Love? Test your skills in thrilling hidden object puzzles, explore mystic locations! Immerse into the unforgettable world of Chimeras! NEWLINE NEWLINE A traveling circus called “Chimera's magic” comes to Paris. Is it a coincidence that a series of attacks happens in the city right after that? The victims are men who fell in passionate love with the circus dancer – they become paralyzed. What is circus dancer's secret? Why does the hunchbacked man hinder our investigation? Immerse into secrets of Paris! Try out this thrilling Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game! NEWLINE NEWLINE FIND OUT WHY MEN BECOME PARALYZED NEWLINE Why the victims of the attacks are only men? What could make them become paralyzed? NEWLINE NEWLINE WHY DOES THE HUNCHBACK KEEP TAILING YOU? NEWLINE Uncover the truth by solving engaging puzzles and mysterious mini-games. NEWLINE FIND OUT IF YOU CAN SAVE THE VICTIMS NEWLINE Complete hidden object scenes and enjoy spectacular locations. NEWLINE HELP CHIMERA ORDER IN THE BONUS CHAPTER! NEWLINE Help the order keeper regain a valuable artifact in the bonus chapter and enjoy the bonuses of collector's edition! Earn a variety of unique achievements! Tons of morphing objects, collectible cards, and puzzle pieces to find! Enjoy replayable HOPs and mini-games, exclusive wallpapers, soundtrack, concept art, and more!

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