Sunday, June 13, 2021

Hospital Escape - Room Escape Game
Hospital Escape - Room Escape Game
"Hospital Escape" is a first-person interactive plot puzzle game. The player will act as a psychologist, searching for the body of consciousness in the patient's subconscious. Players can collect clues to understand the incentives of the illness, and finally do their best to restore the patient's consciousness, and in the process explore the truth about the death of their parents. NEWLINE NEWLINE Game background: NEWLINE In the ancient hospital, the ward was filled with a heavy and depressive atmosphere, and the yin wind enveloped the hospital as if blocking everything from the outside world. NEWLINE The psychiatrist Ye Xiu has the ability to get in and out of the subconscious mind since he was a child. Many years ago, the parents lost consciousness inexplicably. They thought it was a case that was no trace, but accidentally discovered the clues during a treatment. There are constant patients being deprived of the will to live, like walking dead. It seems that all the truth will be buried with the unconscious patient. While Ye Xiu is treating the patient, he will also lift the veil of truth step by step. NEWLINE NEWLINE Game features: NEWLINE NEWLINE Interactive plot NEWLINE In the face of moral dilemmas, whether to choose the truth or the life and death of the patient, you will make a difficult choice! NEWLINE NEWLINE Weird Patient NEWLINE All kinds of weird patients are waiting for your treatment! NEWLINE NEWLINE Brain Burning Puzzle NEWLINE Rich and interesting puzzles, use your wisdom to overcome all obstacles! NEWLINE NEWLINE Collection NEWLINE A variety of unpredictable collections are hidden in every corner. Collectors, are you ready? NEWLINE NEWLINE Role Development NEWLINE Participate in a variety of schedule activities, improve various abilities, and witness your own gradual growth. NEWLINE NEWLINE Consciousness and reality are true or false, and you are a scavenger who drifts between consciousness and reality...

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