Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Nankaiine - Escape game Escape from between the light and the mirror


Escape game Escape from between the light and the mirror

Explore the floor with various gimmicks NEWLINE and solve secrets and mysteries to escape! NEWLINE NEWLINE The game is free to play until the end. NEWLINE NEWLINE Let's explore the mysterious floor that exists in a certain building and solve the mystery. NEWLINE Is it possible to escape safely? —— NEWLINE NEWLINE ■ Mystery solving difficulty (beginner to intermediate) NEWLINE A hint function is installed so that even beginners can reach the answer properly. NEWLINE We also have answers in case you get stuck. NEWLINE NEWLINE Easy operation with just a tap. NEWLINE NEWLINE ■ How to play (operation explanation) NEWLINE Tap the place you think is suspicious to find out. NEWLINE Let's solve the mystery using the items you got. NEWLINE Tap an item in the item column once to select it. NEWLINE Tap the item in the item column twice to enlarge it. NEWLINE NEWLINE Try various things and try to escape. NEWLINE NEWLINE ■ Tips for clearing NEWLINE If you get stuck, please change your mindset. NEWLINE You can break down the hints that give you clues to the answer, or convert or replace them with something else. NEWLINE When it's boiled down, take a break and refresh your mood. NEWLINE If you change your mood, you may be able to approach from a different perspective. NEWLINE NEWLINE Please do your best to clear it with no hints!

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