Thursday, June 24, 2021

Escape Dungeon Breakout 1
Escape Dungeon Breakout 1
49th Escape Game by QuickSailor. NEWLINE NEWLINE Escape Dungeon Breakout 1 has 19 Rooms to Escape! NEWLINE NEWLINE Dungeon Breakout is a Room Escape Game. Old dungeon in which you are locked for causing trouble in the castle. You need to Escape the Dungeon. In Simple Terms, you can say it as "Dungeon Breakout". castle keep, prison cell below the castle. To escape from the dungeon, you need to find hidden objects & make use of them logically. Solve puzzles and use objects smartly to make an escape from Dungeon. NEWLINE NEWLINE Dungeon Breakout Escape is free game app. Download this free room escape game app & have an interesting playtime. NEWLINE NEWLINE Features: NEWLINE ↗ Challenging puzzles NEWLINE ↗ 19 Different themed rooms NEWLINE ↗ New rooms added frequently NEWLINE ↗ 100% FREE to Play NEWLINE ↗ Logic brain teasers NEWLINE ↗ Room Escape Game NEWLINE ↗ Dungeon Breakout NEWLINE NEWLINE How to play: NEWLINE Find and combine objects to use them, solve puzzles and complete each level by escaping the Dungeon Chambers one by one.

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