Thursday, June 3, 2021

Dark Rooms 3 - Room escape game
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Dark Rooms 3 - Room escape game
Dark Rooms 3 - The third chapter of the Dark Rooms games series - is an engaging, very addictive puzzle game. With a chilling atmosphere and beautiful design, the game offers an entrancing mix of intriguing puzzles with a great user interface. NEWLINE NEWLINE The purpose of this game is to solve riddles to open doors and get out of all the rooms. You may also use the items found in the room to open the door and advance to the next level. NEWLINE NEWLINE In this version, you can explore all 4 walls of each room. NEWLINE Think out the box, can you escape the doors on your own? NEWLINE NEWLINE Don't forget to turn your device's volume up to enjoy this room escape game! NEWLINE If you quit the app, you will be able to start from the last level you've played. NEWLINE NEWLINE GAME FEATURES NEWLINE ______________________________ NEWLINE - Explore all four walls of the rooms NEWLINE - Beautifully crafted minimal puzzle games NEWLINE - Brainteaser game NEWLINE - Realistic graphics NEWLINE - Easy to start, but hard master NEWLINE - Use objects to solve riddles NEWLINE - Every Room has amazing and fun game graphics. NEWLINE - Logic games - Puzzle games NEWLINE - Free puzzles - Free games!

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