Thursday, July 29, 2021

Escape Utsushiyo
cretia studio
Escape Utsushiyo
◆ It's a story of a slightly scary and mysterious world- NEWLINE NEWLINE A world where two girls get lost. There is a red world with no escape- NEWLINE Is this world the past? Future? Or ...? NEWLINE NEWLINE Experience a unique world where escape games and full-scale scenarios are fused. NEWLINE NEWLINE ◆ Numerous mysteries and gimmicks that block the way NEWLINE NEWLINE A full-scale escape game where you move the gimmicks with your own hands to solve the mysteries. NEWLINE NEWLINE In addition to "examining", "using and combining items", there is also a mechanism to solve by "rotating" and "moving"! NEWLINE Collect clues and use "inspiration" and "logic" to escape! NEWLINE There are hints, so beginners can rest assured ♪ NEWLINE NEWLINE * Sorry. This game use Japanese language.

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